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Brake Rotors: Which are the Best for Me?

In order to get the best out of your vehicle, you know that there’s a little maintenance that’s routinely needed to keep things in great working condition. This maintenance involves getting spark plugs and changing fitters and oil as well as keeping tire pressure up. Car brakes maintenance generally involves more than just replacing pads and constantly checking the fluid level.

The brakes are a system that includes a part called a brake rotor. This component is very important to the brake system. The brake rotors are also called brake disks and their main function is to enable the brake pads clamp on them in order to be able to bring the vehicle to halt or to a stop. Most people neglect the importance of the rotors in their vehicles brake system forgetting that they are just as important as pads. It is therefore worth to look at the various kinds of brake disks available in the market, their advantages and disadvantages and where each of them is suited.

The Merits and Demerits of Drilled Brake Discs.
They make up the main type of high performance drilled brake rotors. These types of rotors have holes drilled into them – as the name might have implied. It is this holes that aid towards stopping vehicles.
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It is important to understand that, when a rotor is clamped onto by a brake pad, friction is created. Heat is produced as a result of the heat created. The holes found in the drilled rolors provide an outlet for the heat created and therefore reducing the chances of there being a brake fade. The holes have another advantage of releasing gas. The holes also help in releasing water which could stick on the rotors when one is driving on a rainy day. Brake pads always have a hard time hanging on the rotors when they are wet. When a vehicle uses a drilled rotor, it becomes very easy for the pads to clamp and therefore stopping the car.
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Unfortunately with the good, we have the bad and when it comes to drilled rotors what we’re referring to is weakening. As you may have considered at the outset, having a rotor full of holes means that the rotors are weakened and after a bit of stressful driving, the rotors can crack.

The Good and the Bad of Slotted Performance Rotors

The slotted rotor s make up the second component of high performance rotors. These brake rotors have slots carved into their surfaces which allows gas, water and heat to move away from the surface just as the drilled rotors do. Drivers of high performance vehicles prefer these kind of rotors because of their high stress driving. Durability is key for any high performance driver and hence resulting to them preferring these kind of rotors as compared to drilled rotors.

The downside of slotted rotors?
They eat up brake pads like crazy. Unless you’re into performance racing and are planning to put a lot of braking stress onto your vehicle, odds are the cost in brake pads will not be worth the rotor longevity of slotted rotors.