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Help with Mesothelioma Asbestos, the main leading cause of the highly cancerous disease mesothelioma, has been of wide industrial use for thousands of years already because of its fire resistant quality that has made it quite ideal for designing and building durable materials. The detrimental effects of continuous exposure to it, however, was not identified until the 1900s when the number of deaths occurring in towns that mine the mineral started to increase so high that become noticeable, prompting postmortem investigations that ultimately revealed traces of asbestos in the lungs of patients that died of pulmonary diseases. As the numbers of cases increase especially among people that have long worked in factories that use asbestos and commonly showed signs of lung fibrosis, more studies were facilitated and further confirmed the toxicity of the mineral in human health. However, the long history of the industrial use of asbestos worldwide prior to the identification of its toxicity means there have been a lot of exposure already each year for thousands of years already, which also accounts for the hundred thousands of cases of asbestos related diseases, which was only reduced several years after most governments worldwide implemented stricter laws to stop its use and provide medical assistance to the affected population. Although diseases that have been caused by prolonged exposure to the asbestos mineral has been cumulatively known as asbestosis, mesothelioma has become the most common type, and by far the deadliest as it targets the lungs and tends to spread to the heart and stomach and become malignant. In the US, the government has already provided healthcare assistance to patients that were identified to have been exposed to asbestos through their work, while there are also private institutions that also help to identify the presence of asbestos in homes and work places, especially in older structures that were built prior to the discovery of the link between the mineral and certain lung diseases.
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Mesothelioma initially manifests through lung related symptoms like cough with blood, wheezing, feeling short of breath, fatigue, anemia, unexplained lost weight, and in severe ones, pneumothorax and tumors that can metastasize. Good thing today, the continuous advancements in technology has paved the way for more efficient treatment options and better detection to improve the chances of survival against the deadly disease.
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Mesothelioma helplines have also been organized worldwide to address the large number affected workers so patients can know where to go when they need both medical and legal help when it comes to their claim.