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Solarize Seymour is part of Solarize Connecticut, a residential solar program that is intended to make going solar easy and affordable. With outstanding modern facilities unequaled in camping, strong elective program options and a highly qualified experienced staff, French Woods Sports and Arts Center is an excellent choice when considering summer camps. Swimming, tennis, equestrian sports, basketball, football (or soccer, if you prefer), volleyball, and cricket are just a few of our sports offerings.sports and arts

The arts are vital in our lives, helping people to make connections, empathize and create. In 2013, the commitment to arts programming expanded, leading to a new name: the After School Sport and Arts Initiative, or ASSAI. This new arts building seeks to connect the sports areas with the gymnasium’s existing educational facilities in one continuous flow.sports and arts

When Baron Pierre de Coubertin dreamed of reviving the ancient games for modern times in 1894, he wanted to copy the ancient games in every aspect, including the integration of the arts. Music, theatre, visual arts and dance are an integral part of life at Stonehill.

For graduates of non-United States law schools interested in sitting for the New York Bar Exam, there is an option to do a special course of study (see each track page for specifics). Join one of the many sport event teams available at Longridge Sport & Arts Centre.sports and arts

Over the two years we ran weekly Arts and Sports sessions at STEPS and also ran outreach to other local Youth Centres to try and increase the young people accessing our local MyPlace centre. Hightown Community Sports and Arts Centre shares its facilities with local schools and clubs, providing a wide range of sport, leisure and arts activities to meet the needs of the community.