A Simple Plan: SEO

Leveraging SEO on Your Artist Bio

Currently, the larger market for art is on the internet than on the galleries. You want to make more sales if you sell artistic products. Irrespective of the method that you use to market online, traffic is required. It is not possible to make any sale without traffic. SEO is supreme when it comes to selling on the internet. As an artist, you want to rank as a top artist and make people buy your art. In this article, you will learn how to leverage SEO on your artist bio. As such, you will stand out
from the crowd and make more sales.

Make the best of the about page to explain about you. let the people learn about you on the about page and the type of painting they will get from you. You should make it clear the type of painting they should expect whether local painting or painting within a certain category and they will look for you for those photos. Your bio should be informative but not winding too much. It should not be more than 150 words.

Ensure use of smarter keywords. Keywords are critical when it comes to SEO. Learn the keywords that people are suing then write articles based on those keywords. Let the keywords be evenly distributed on your website. You can use your name on several pages so that people who are looking specifically for you will find you on the search engine

Make proper use of the captions. Most people tend to write the name of the photo and the category as the captions. The search engines won’t understand the photos but can understand terms associated with the photo. The captions should be enriched with keywords. Use captions that brings more traffic to your website. The keyword should be an accurate description of your photo to avoid hurting your SEO.

It is important to cast a wide net. You get more traffic if you are depending on several sources. Link the website with several social media pages. You can even use external linking services. When the search engines crawls the Internet, they look for every best answer to the query whether it is on the social media. The more external links a website have the higher preferences it gets from the search engines. Every social media link that you add to your website is a boost your SEO efforts.

You should keep updating your stores. You can add some more paintings and give some updates on different factors. You can achieve this by writing an SEO based article or even describing your photos. if the search engine is to give preference to two websites with the same content, they prefer the most updated one. You will love the results if you leverage these SEO tips on your artist bio.