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In Philippi a township in Cape Town, we are building on existing networks to create a sustainable neighborhood. The clients of our arts practice include Broadway and off-Broadway actors, culinary professionals, dancers, photographers and designers, including fashion designers, interior designers, and furniture and houseware artisans. During the winter season, fun sports like sleighing, tobogganing, skiing and ice skating can be practised!sports and arts

Additionally, the new facilities situated underground form the roof of the new arts building, extending the football fields into a green carpet for informal activity and to serve as informal seating overlooking future sporting events. When I say that the sport Olympics and the arts should get together, I’m hoping that the arts save sports, not the other way around.

That said, while Streep’s comments might have struck a nerve among those of us already sensitive to this artificial divide, those expressing outrage seem to be willfully ignoring the entire point of her statement – that sports, quite simply, are not the arts.

Thanks to the support of the National Lottery, the Football Foundation and the lawn Tennis Association, CSA can offer a full range of indoor and outdoor sports. This program is designed to let these campers enjoy their favorite activities of our traditional day camp.sports and arts

We have a fully elective program, which allows campers to choose from traditional and not-so-traditional summer camp activities. Miami is increasingly recognized as a vibrant, growing business center for the entertainment, arts and sports industries, and particularly as a gateway to Latin America.sports and arts