history of arts

Albany Museum

Chronological summary of major movements, styles, periods and artists that have contributed to the evolution and development of visual art. Students nominated to participate in the 1960’s Scholars Program invite outside speakers to campus, creating some of the most anticipated and exciting arts programming at the College from the ground up. Students exhibit their own work throughout the year in the Wilde Gallery in the W. L. S. Spencer Studio Art Building and at the annual Senior Studio Art Exhibition at the Williams College Museum of Art.history of arts

This website will introduce you to the staff, and to the courses and facilities on offer to those with an interest in the study of art, its forms and techniques, its history and place in society, and in particular, the ways in which art images, objects and structures can be read and interpreted.

Rutgers students interested in teaching in secondary schools major in Art History and either simultaneously take courses in the School of Education or go on to do so after graduation, thus allowing them to teach Art History in the limited number of public high schools in which it is offered.history of artshistory of arts

Our first and second year courses have no pre-requisites, so you can sample a wide variety of classes on such topics as the Italian Renaissance, the Enlightenment in Europe, Impressionism and Art Nouveau, the arts of China and Japan, and of course the art and design of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

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