Art History, Theory, & Criticism

Welcome to the Department of the History of Art and Architecture – a department that is known for its lively teaching and for its friendly and supportive approach to students. Faculty in the History of Art, Design and Visual Culture specialize in the study of Europe, the Americas and Asia. In January 2005, the Blackduck Arts Council decided to partner with the BAHAC to add an arts component to the proposed Center. Thus, books about the visual arts of the United States , such as Francis Pohl’s Framing America, start with the conquest and reconstruct manifold traditions.history of arts

My partner in this adventure, Russ Hurley, a prominent Visalia attorney and history buff, accompanied me and he climbed through the relatively small crawl opening leading to what was supposedly the beginning of the tunnel. Now the Visalia Kaweah Kollectors created a bronze plaque to place on the building recognizing the building’s history.history of arts

Obituaries in the New York Times and Washington Post described how she was born and raised in China, a daughter of American missionaries, and started to research her country’s history from afar. As well as educating students in the historical interpretation of artefacts in their cultural contexts, a degree in History of Art provides skills in the critical analysis of objects through the cultivation of visual literacy.history of arts

MICA’s curriculum in art history balances academic coursework and independent research with a significant studio component. The conference will showcase inspirational practice, policy and the latest research in culture and arts in health and wellbeing. For more information about the Art History M.A. Program, contact Professor Sascha Scott ( [email protected] ), Director of Graduate Studies.

Clearly communicating the importance of the local economic multiplier effect or local premium” is a key part of effective buy local” and public education campaigns. Congratulations to Danielle Naylor (MA Art Education, Art Museum Education Certificate) on her upcoming position as the Administrative and Programs Assistant at the Greater Denton Arts Council!