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Arts And Health (Graduate Certificate)

Arts and health embraces a range of arts practices occurring primarily in healthcare settings, which bring together the skills and priorities of both arts and health professionals. The diversity and breadth of our research is illustrated by the hundreds of projects the University has undertaken over the years. Kate gives a talk on Arts and Medicine practices, as well as updating the students on the Siyazama Project, in South Africa. Dementia-friendly and hospice-friendly hospitals design initiatives, for example, integrate the arts as part of making hospitals less intimidating, more welcoming, and a more positive experience for patients and families.arts and health

Over the last decade, the Arts Programme in Tallaght Hospital has evolved to provide not only a substantial arts and health programme, but also national leadership in academic and practical development of this important aspect of health. Community-engaged artists and those working with seniors seek support for their work in community partnership towards wellness through the arts.

Activities within the arts and health term range from receptive involvement (such as reading, listening to music) to active participation (such as performance, painting, and dancing). I too had special interests in aging and health and I believed it was critical to address quality of life issues for caregivers and older persons.arts and health

It identifies study goals and methods, and brings community members along as equal partners in a research project. Investigating the relationship between art and health offers some interesting ways to bridge these 2 important areas of inquiry and perhaps provide timely and important insights into each.

Access to arts interventions reduces patients’ level of depression and anxiety, contributes to patient satisfaction, and improves providers’ recruitment and retention rates. The exhibit brings together startling and fresh works of art by professional artists, alongside that of participants from seven arts and health programs that engage the community in creative dialogue.arts and health