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The Bachelor of Arts & Business allows you to merge your passions in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences with a practical understanding of business principles and skills in management. During the second year of ABI, two new offerings were piloted, the Non-Profit Board Leadership class and the Arts Business Research Symposium. The White St. Art Walk is one of the premier arts events in the state of Arkansas. The arts in general do not have the best career prospects when compared to some other majors.

But what I want to stress here, and it’s a very important point, is that when we talk about the arts in organisations, we are not just talking about bringing in some artist, or some artworks, that make things fun or nice for a while. During this period of growth, the ABI oversaw the expansion of the Arts Enterprise class and the introduction of the Department of Continuing Studies as a partner in the AE class.arts and business

The first major Recoverist event took place in the Manchester School of Art last Tuesday with around 150 people attending from around the UK, Italy, Germany, France and Lithuania. The thing with Fine Arts is that there is NO option for co-op UNLESS you are in Arts & Business.arts and business

This will expose you to several arts discipline areas of study contributing breadth to your knowledge of the arts, humanities and social sciences. Typical 9th graders start school performing below grade level, although Arts & Business is starting to attract high achievers, according to principal Ana Zambrano-Burakov.

If you do not like waterloo you can switch to another school granted you have the grades. Both enjoyed appetizers and a presentation by Toe River Arts brand manager, Oscar Weinmeister. No matter how skillful you are as a carpenter, you won’t succeed as an industrial arts teacher if you can’t teach woodworking skills to others.arts and business