Arts Crossing Borders

These amazing Story Vases were the vision of Renee Padt and Ikko Yokoyama, the creators of ‘Editions in Craft’, who worked with FRONT – a four girl design team from Sweden, and of course, the Siyazama craftswomen in Durban, South Africa. Physicians, psychiatrists,social scientists, researchers, academics, nurse educators,activists, dramatists and poets, visual artists, professional musicians, teachers, adult educators, social workers, mental health professionals, counselors, chaplains, therapists, students, as well as those involved in education, health policy and social change, universities,schools of education, colleges, leading medical schools, hospitals and health organizations in Canada the U.S. and internationally.arts and health

If you are a member of the Welsh Arts in Health Network and you would like to be included so that others can view your work on this site, please send me an image and some text and I will upload a page in the network members area under Arts in Health around Wales.

The aim of Art in Healthcare is to share this collection with medical environments across Scotland to improve the healthcare experience of patients, staff and visitors; the online collection is usually the first point of call for anyone interested in seeing or acquiring artwork from the collection.

Additional support is provided by the Healing Arts Program at Atlantic Health System. IJCAIP is the worldwide communications hub for open access information about the creative arts in research and interdisciplinary practice. Two other visual arts studies have focused on the experience of women with cancer.arts and healtharts and health

To me, providing access to the arts is as imporant as feeding and clothing people; the arts humanize us, separate us from animals, and those who are on the outside need to be respected as humans who are capable of loving and creating beauty. The NEA Guide to Community-Engaged Research in the Arts and Health charts ways to reconcile the different vocabularies used in the arts and in research.