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The integration of the arts into the patient experience has a positive impact on health outcomes. Please see the full list of Discipline Areas for disciplines that offer a major in the Arts degree. Arts For Health Florida would also like to thank the Arts Council of Hillsborough County and the University of Tampa for their support. The two new buildings on the Canberra Hospital campus have become the flagships of the Arts in Health Program; the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children and the Canberra Region Cancer Centre.arts and healtharts and health

You can call Sarah, the Arts and Health Development Officer on 01253 478033 for an informal chat or arrange to meet her. During my later elementary school and early middle school years, I remember seeing many anti-smoking advertisements sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Craft Research (CRRE) is the first peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to the development and advance of contemporary craft practice and theory through research. Analyses of covariance were used to analyze the results, which indicated that the creative arts therapy intervention was not effective in enhancing the expression of emotions or the participants’ level of spirituality.

The spectrum of artist practice is wide ranging including work from all the creative and performing arts disciplines. Nature’s Whispers, a book of photography and poetry by Kate Quinn created through WHAT’s arts programme in the Dialysis Unit of University Hospital Waterford is for sale via the WHAT Centre for Arts & Health and the Dialysis Unit for €10.arts and health

May-June, 2016: Start Fresh brought together artists and participants in our Arts and Health programs in an exhibition about clarity, finesse, energy, surprise, nature, healing and defying expectations in art. The predominant areas where the arts are reported, qualitatively, to have benefits for clients’ wellbeing, are mental health, older adults, and paediatrics.