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In the fall of 2016, Dean Gretchen RitterĀ invited departments across the College of Arts & Sciences to submit proposals for funds to substantially improve teaching and learning across significant dimensions of their undergraduate curriculum, particularly in large service courses. This opportunity will be a chance to embed yourself within the Midwifery School to research a new piece of work. The next symposia, slated for Spring 2018, will focus on Nurturing Creativity in the Arts. Apparently they are too pretentious to allow a child with an extreme love of the arts to be a part of their program because he is too energetic.arts and learning

Library orientation sessions, which provide an introduction to BobCat, the journal collection, and index services, are held each semester, as well as workshops on research strategies and the Internet. It presents information on Seattle schools and others that have incorporated the arts successfully.

The week after classes began we were blessed with an impromptu gift by an arts supporter who offered to fund the renovation of our offices. Undergraduates wanting help locating library materials relevant to their research paper topics can sign up for a one-on-one appointment with a librarian.arts and learningarts and learning

Postgraduate Committee has responsibility for taught and research postgraduate teaching. Stay the course, and welcome the arts integration approach as one that will only widen and deepen the presence of the arts in everyone’s daily life. The surveys examine current arts education developments in UNESCO member states.

RCAH students live and learn together in Snyder-Phillips Hall, a historic building at the heart of the MSU campus that is a center of creativity and imagination. On the other hand, students who demonstrate a visual learning style are about 40% of the population.