arts and communication

Arts, Literature And Communication (ALC) Dawson College

College of Fine Arts and Communication’s programs in all 5 areas of the college have been rated #1. Advising the aging population to make their own personal videos, talking about themselves and their lives, will give the caregivers in their future, an understanding of their patient’s strengths and interests, using those traits towards specifically directed therapies and interactive communications.arts and communication

Students will be introduced to the theory and practice of public relations as well as learning and applying industry-relevant skills. Appreciate the diversity of mass communication institutes from different cultures and different political orientations and opinions.arts and communication

The module will focus on the development of skills relevant to the musician producing installation work using electroacoustic media in a variety of contexts from gallery to public space. You will also benefit from resources and facilities that prepare you for career success.arts and communication

BYU Arts is the organization that produces and presents for the Brigham Young University College of Fine Arts and Communications. This one-year certificate program prepares you for success in a variety of programs as you explore your interests, aptitudes and skills, assess career choices, and prepare for further postsecondary studies.

The program includes additional opportunities for internships as well as participation in projects sponsored by the DuMont Television Center, WMSC-FM, the Center for Cooperative Media, and the Creative Research Center. The School of Communications maintains labs that offer state-of-the-art facilities to allow students to practice professional skills they learn in the classroom.