Bachelor Of Arts (Media And Communications)

We hope that you join us for the annual Racine County 4-H Communication & Performing Arts Festival! Our degree links practical training in media writing; radio, video, online media production; and media relations; with a scholarly and critical education in media and communications theory and practice. Net Online indicates that designers interested in higher-level careers need several years of related work experience as well.

Placements can enhance your career prospects and give you the chance to use theory from the classroom in a real-world scenario before you have graduated. To complete this vision a Faculty of Arts and Humanities has now been established. The skills and knowledge delivered through this course are the building blocks for further courses, both in the AMCA program and applied arts diploma programs.arts and communication

Learners will fine-tune previously acquired skills and knowledge through a variety of assignments that include collaboration, information delivery formats and the nuances of communication styles and needs. This exploratory program prepares you for further study in creative and media arts by helping you identify your interests, passion and strengths.arts and communication

Students are encouraged to seek internships in an area in which they would like to pursue a career. Technology’s dedicated Placement Team provides support to all of our students looking to integrate a placement within their university career on both undergraduate degrees and postgraduate masters programmes.arts and communication

The EMAC curriculum offers concentrations in Digital Storytelling (Animation, Video, Game Design), Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Marketing Communication and Design, and Sound Design and Popular Culture. States that much of the preparation for editorial careers comes from apprenticeship or internship.