arts and business

Bachelor Of Business And Bachelor Of Arts (B2019)

The Business Administration program serves students from a variety of backgrounds. This Arts specialisation course is tailored to the needs of the contemporary business environment, with a focus on business studies, economics and communication, whilst providing you with the knowledge and skills in your choice of humanities, liberal arts and social science based disciplines.

The family moved to Helena prior to her 7th grade year from Montgomery to experiment with her in a public school system. It will discuss the role of arts and creativity in healing, care and wellbeing across the life course. Candidates who meet the course requirements shall be awarded the Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business.

As arts education is slashed left and right in the schools as something not necessary to creating a competent work force, it is interesting to hear that exposure to the arts might make for more innovative business leaders, and that some leading business professionals value exposure to the arts as one of the tenants for establishing multi-dimensional, and thus, more competitive employees.arts and business

Instead of a business degree with a few arts electives, you’ll earn a Bachelor of Arts with 2 areas of expertise: your Arts major and practical business courses including accounting, management, economics, marketing, entrepreneurship, ethics, and communication.arts and business

I am finishing my school year at the Clear Spring School and preparing for summer classes. Only by integrating the arts in our DNA can we create what I consider the true 21st century organisation. From career guidance to sports performance, biomedical science to ecotourism, research into human life, human behaviour and our understanding of the environment is at the centre of the School of Applied Sciences.arts and business