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Five disciplines sharing a fascination with ideas, creativity and culture. The initiative is designed to rally the entire school around the goal of creating a welcoming community committed to stopping all forms of bias and bullying. If you are already at a medical school, it might be easier for you to finish the French medical school and then apply for residency programs in the US as an IMG (International Medical Graduate) – if you would like to practice in the US, that of arts

With proactive planning, we are investing in smoother transitions for students who may have to move schools and will be putting into place a rich high school experience for all Lincoln High Schools students. At this point, I would not necessarily worry about pre-medical courses, which will be completed during college – though good background in the sciences definitely cannot of arts

The actual Special Olympics are this Thursday at Cicero-North Syracuse High School. Let’s just remind ourselves, that as an arts and health community, we developed a shared Manifesto for Arts & Health in 2011. The School of the Arts is a vibrant community of practicing artists who are also dedicated of arts

Many of the people who went to school at the Royal Academy in Ghent have set new standards themselves. I hope everyone understands that teaching industrial arts requires much more than online learning. Drama and Performance Studies lecturer at UKZN’s School of Arts, Ms Lliane Loots, received the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres from the French Government during a presentation at Aliiance Fran├žaise in Durban.

The Centre for Visual Arts (CVA) within the School of Arts hosted an art exhibition titled Work In Progress at the Jack Heath Gallery in Pietermaritzburg. You will see police cars again, but in a positive way; to help our students to make good decisions on one of the most important nights of their high school careers.