arts and learning


The center’s multidisciplinary visual and performing arts classes are offered in ten-week cycles three times each year at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels. Making art prepares children for success not only as artists, but across professions; the capacity to perform and create in the arts requires the development of imagination, collaboration and problem-solving skills that learners can transfer to other experiences and pursuits.arts and learning

A number of cities have been tackling that challenge by using ‘coordinated approaches’ that seek to have schools and other providers join forces in expanding access to arts learning.” The Wallace Foundation commissioned research on such coordinated efforts in six sites.arts and learning

Teachers and principals in schools with strong arts programs believed that the presence of the arts led their teachers to be more innovative, to have increased awareness of different aspects of students’ abilities, and to find school a more enjoyable place to work.

UNITWIN: Arts Education for Sustainable Development – UNITWIN is UNESCO’s University Twinning and Networking Program, promoting international inter-university cooperation and networking to enhance institutional capacities through knowledge sharing and collaboration.

The Wallace Foundation, with additional support from the Arts Education Partnership, commissioned this report, which addresses the multiple challenges of achieving and sustaining quality in arts education, across both major and emerging art forms in rural, urban, and suburban settings.arts and learning