The Best Movie Sequence Ever


  • 1.The Raid

The world of Indonesian films that have just scandalized the world through the film Raid, the premiere of Hollywood received remarkable acclaim from the movie man, not only in the United States the film received high appreciation, in Canada, Australia which also became the country where the premiere always crowded with spectators. Read also: best movies to must watch 2017

Prior to the cinema, ‘the Raid’ produced in 2011 has won numerous prestigious awards in the international cinema scene, such as the Cadillacs People’s Choice Award, the Toronto international film festival 2011, and the Best Film and Audience Award at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival 2012. ‘The Raid’ also took part in the Sundance 2012 film festival and became one of Sundance’s most-loved committee work.


  • 2.The Forbidden Door


The breakthrough in the world of international film done other Indonesian film that is, the forbidden door. …

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