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Centre For Creative Arts And Media (CCAM)

In SLAM, in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Sydney, graduate and postgraduate studies and research in our departments and studies programs extend across a broad and creative range of textual, verbal, film and visual media, from medieval manuscripts to new, digital media and multi-media communication. The Masters programme in Cultural Sciences – Culture, Arts and Media is suitable for students who would like to pursue an academic career as well as for those who would like to take on responsible activities in the cultural and creative industry, in the art field, in the media or in the public cultural sector or in foundations.arts and media

As they deepen their understanding of sound art, video art, interactivity, computational art, and media production, they also explore artistic voice and point of view, constructing conscious, defined relationships with audiences, and examine the role and process of practice-led research to provide depth and context for artistic expression.arts and media

This track offers insight into these relevant issues relating to contemporary arts worlds. Lizzie’s trial was a coast-to-coast media sensation, and her story has become an American legend. Producing and publishing books, magazines and other digital folios is a relatively easy process with the right software and this has forced media companies to produce their content for consumption via a range of different devices.

Career options may be found in fine arts practice, graphic and website design, the media and publishing industries, the movie and entertainment industry, photography, teaching, and self-employment. It locates key media thinkers within the broad intellectual traditions of mass communications research and cultural criticism from semiotics, structuralism, neo-Marxism, feminism, modernism and post-modernism.

In addition to these themes the module will focus on the nature of the commodification of childhood and the way that Disney has marketed its theme parks and the consequent influence that this has had on the development of the modern media. Students produce representations of social values and points of view in media artworks for particular audiences and contexts.arts and media