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The Art Education program at IPFW promotes and cultivates the role of artist/teacher as the ideal educator of the arts in schools today. Macaulay was a particularly vocal advocate of the white-men’s-burden school of thought, that believed in the civilizing mission of the empire (we have them even today, try watching or reading Niall Ferguson’s work): This is exactly why I thought Macaulay’s comments as represented in this hoax to be fabricated because they are so cynical.

To encourage innovation and sharing of knowledge in the changing arts education environment through support of applications that provide unique partnerships and exceptional services to the field, as well as through support of regrant activities that reach deeply into all regions of the State.

In addition to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies requirements , the Curriculum Studies graduate program requires a master’s degree with high standing in a relevant educational discipline and evidence of potential to carry out research.arts to educationarts to education

The English education system opened it up to European science and enlightenment thinking, not all of that good, but started a new scientific progress in India, which, within a couple of generations, producing innovations and great scientific thinking.

Expanding the learning developed in ‘Rethinking Pedagogy 1′, further emphasis on contemporary thinking and methodology is explored, introducing key theorists in the field of critical pedagogy, providing you with key knowledge to support you as you explore and re-position your experience in the field of education.arts to education