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Comparative Arts And Media Studies

The programme Comparative Arts and Media Studies focuses on intermedialities in relation to cinema, television, digital media, literature and visual arts.  The Women in the Arts & Media Coalition’s combined membership is probably larger and more diverse than that of any other alliance of women in the arts and/or media. Only 2 courses used to fulfill the requirements of another major or minor pattern may also be used to fulfill the requirements of the Digital Arts and Media minor.

First year students explore the role of media and digital technology in contemporary culture and its implications for making art. The project-oriented minor in Practical Fields in the Arts presents the opportunity for students to familiarise themselves with contemporary forms of artistic practice and styles of thought in collaboration with well-known international artists.arts and mediaarts and media

The various elective and combination opportunities in the Masters programme in Cultural Sciences – Culture, Arts and Media enable an interest-driven course of studies and contribute towards a deepened understanding of socially relevant topics. They explore the arts of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and of the Asia region and learn that they are used for different purposes.

This degree programme studies cultural artifacts, practices, institutions and media as well as fields of cultural production. Students are encouraged to evolve as creative producers of media projects throughout their studies, as well as deepen their understanding and technical proficiency across media production areas.arts and media

Over 200 media professionals support the CMA program through classroom teaching, mentoring, internships, job contacts and financial gifts. This area of concentration combines classical art history, new visual studies and media studies. A campus since 1998, the Centre for Creative Arts and Media is based in a former Redemptorist Monastery, which originally opened in 1940 to accommodate students training for the priesthood.