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Creativity, Arts, Literacies And Learning MA

The Alliance Arts for Learning Institute delivers professional learning for educators and arts integrated classroom instruction for students. The entire school becomes an evolving arts community, engaged in discovery and celebration, all centered on the arts experiences that bring knowledge to life. Where good practice exists in schools, colleges and the arts organisations that work with them, the benefits for young people are significant.

Much of Green Lake’s mission is fostered not only through a rich curriculum supported by diverse activities, but through a schoolwide, multi-arts program with a full-time arts specialist. We believe that a key element for success in life is exposure to and training in the Arts.

Ma serves as the artistic director of Silkroad, an organization he founded to promote cross-cultural performance and collaborations at the edge where education, business, and the arts come together to transform the world. Postgraduate taught programmes cover both research-preparation MA courses reflecting our research strengths, and also professional qualifications.arts and learningarts and learning

Arts for Learning is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing teaching and learning through the arts and community cultural resources by linking learning experiences to the real world. Researchers also discovered that the status of arts-rich or non-arts rich schools was not tied to socio-economic status, but rather to school climate, years of study in the arts and opportunities to engage in more than one arts subject.

If you have prior learning or experience at an appropriate level, you may apply on entry for exemption for credit requirements of the course. Then, over the course of the program, Harvard faculty and Silk Road Ensemble members will present sessions designed to challenge participants to consider the role of passion in teaching and learning.arts and learning