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Interested in learning and how it relates to culture, community, social media and social justice? Graduates wishing to pursue postgraduate study will be able to move on to a Master of Education. As you say, India’s greatness will not come from the growth of GDP, but how many of its citizens have a decent life, have enough to eat, have access to healthcare and education and can hope to have a decent life.

Same as for the MA. However, applicants for MEd must be inclined to focusing their studies on application of educational theory in their professional practice. In an effort to make Vancouver’s roads safe, convenient and more comfortable to a broader array of users, the city is in the works of adopting a Complete Streets policy to guide future road development and upgrades.arts to educationarts to educationarts to education

The work takes leadership, innovation, broad partnerships, and a dogged insistence that the arts are central to what we want students to learn. In addition to directing the Arts in Education Program, I am also a senior research associate at Project Zero (PZ), a research organization here at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

A lifelong learner, he holds a Masters Degree in Music from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music and and Executive Diploma in Arts and Culture Strategy from the University of Pennsylvania. Connect with the largest, most diverse group of arts education colleagues anywhere!

I am finishing my school year at the Clear Spring School and preparing for summer classes. You may also decide to pursue a broad range of jobs within the cultural sector, professional research or doctoral studies. Sorry, i dont intend to trgger off an argument – but mcaulay’s speech on english education in India always gets me very angry.