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Check out a montage of the latest films from our cinema and media arts students, and get a sense of the training you’ll receive in the program. The Bachelor of Media Arts and Production course structure allows students to take advantage of student exchange and work place learning opportunities, including oganised and guided visits to India and the Bollywood film industry. You can pursue a Bachelor of Arts in the Arts with a Video Production major, or you can pursue the Bachelor of the Arts in Journalism with a video production emphasis within the Media Studies major.

The Friends of Visual Arts organizes lectures and exhibitions and brings to Barton College visiting artists of regional, national, and international status. What is the influence of media and technology on way we curate and educate in museums and archives and other cultural institutions.arts and media

There are also a large number of choices in Bachelor of Arts undergraduate majors, including Literature, Linguistics, the combined Literature and Language Major, Journalism, Pacific Language Studies, Pacific Literature, Pacific Vernacular Language and Theatre Arts.

With his long-standing commitment to Arts/Health and his knowledge and connections across these ten districts, it will be good to support him embedding culture and the arts across all his strategic planning and delivery, with that cultural thread running through everything that Greater Manchester is about.arts and mediaarts and media

Second year students are introduced to digital media arts, discovering programming, web-based art, and patch-based programming, and are exposed to software applications, techniques, and digital media artists. Your support makes the College of Arts and Media stronger… today and tomorrow.