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Famous Artists Share Their Childhood Art In Support Of Arts Education

Arts integrated learning is a way to teach artistic skills in conjunction with academic material. Others come with specific academic or professional interests: using the arts as therapy for Alzheimer’s patients, arts integration, the design of after-school arts programs, the use of the arts with incarcerated populations, or promoting intercultural understanding through the arts.

Such education not only strengthens cognitive development and the acquisition of life skills – innovative and creative thinking, critical reflection, communicational and inter-personal skills, etc – but also enhances social adaptability and cultural awareness for individuals, enabling them to build personal and collective identities as well as tolerance and acceptance, appreciation of others.

Remember Macaulay’s efforts were directed against Sanskrit and Farsi, the dominant medium of education during his time, and we must equally mourn the decline of Farsi. In Arizona, Tom Horne, the state superintendant of public instruction, made it his goal to provide high-quality, comprehensive arts education to all K-12 students.arts to educationarts to education

The hereditary nature of it definitely seemed like an anomaly, but was explained away – in school – by the common sense view that a doctor’s son is more likely to be a doctor, and a police officer’s son is more likely to join the force. This event is sponsored by the Small Business Center Network, HCC Foundation, Western Women’s Business Center, Haywood County Arts Council, the Sequoyah Fund and the Smoky Mountain News.

The Master of Education (.) in Arts Education develops critical knowledge of arts theory and practice related to education, program development, and learning and teaching across a range of arts disciplines. Visual Education prepares students to teach visual art in kindergarten through grade twelve.arts to education