Funding And Support

For ten years prior to launching my company Rainbows Within Reach and my writing and recording over 100 original songs for children, I worked as a Resource Teacher providing Arts experiences for children with special needs. For more information on funding opportunities or general information on the arts in the UK, see our links below. Incorporating arts education coursework into all teacher education programs could potentially increase teachers integrating the arts effectively and more often in the classroom.supports and arts

Arts integration supports all types of learners and makes academic content accessible. They think of the arts instruction as teacher-oriented projects used to entertain or teach other disciplines” (Berghoff, 2003, p. 12). It’s like a giant, free, no-holds-barred focus group that represents a true range of arts users and non-users.

The Creative Fund – Not necessarily for just young professionals, but an active group with a low-cost membership that supports emerging Austin artists and performers. In order to maintain the high level of quality that DonJoy is known for, the braces, supports and therapeutic devices are all designed with state-of-the-art materials…and it doesn’t stop there.

Emphasis on the liberal arts in higher education puts the United States at a disadvantage internationally and reflects a liberal political agenda.” Calling the points he responds to misperceptions” explicitly marks them as positions that he disagrees with.

Rabkin & Redmond, (2006) assert that arts integration occur when teachers identify specific skills, concepts, or ideas in a core subject which can be enhanced, reinforced, illustrated or examined through a parallel arts experience. Fellow Democrat Jerry Notarianni previously said he doesn’t support cutting the arts and education tax, meaning a majority of the three-member board now prefers maintaining it as a dedicated funding source.supports and artssupports and arts