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George Washington University Showcase To Highlight The Intersection Of The Arts And Health In D.C.

Recognising how valuable The Arts can be in improving health outcomes as well as promoting health and wellbeing in the wider community, this NSW Health and The Arts Framework enables the NSW Health system to maximise the benefits of integrating The Arts into the design and delivery of health services, and health messaging. Our second meeting was over in Dublin in 2004 shortly after I’d left the South West, where I’d been developing Arts for Health Cornwall, and was about to take up my position at MMU. In the years previous I had several opportunities to address audiences and work with students at Acadia and I had hoped to continue my working relationship with this leading Canadian liberal arts university.

The Awards will announced by the judges at a ceremony at Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA, on Saturday 6th May 2017. Our work will keep curiosity and the highest possible arts process’s at the heart of our thinking and action. Foundations of Arts and Health will appeal to students wanting to understand more about the interconnectedness of the arts with human health.arts and health

We work with a diverse range of partners to develop bespoke health and wellbeing projects for specific communities and groups. The study, which has been awarded a grant of £1 million from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, will be run by the Centre for Performance Science, a joint venture between the Royal College of Music and Imperial College London.

We invite you to explore the website and resources to learn about the ever-growing interest in the healing power of the arts in our community. Afterwards, several champions of health care and the arts came together to establish a working group, leading to an inspiring new community partnership – AHA!arts and health

Over the last decade, the Arts Programme at Tallaght Hospital has evolved to provide not only a substantial arts and health programme but also national leadership in academic and practical development of this important aspect of health. Margret has a wealth of experience in marketing and the arts, and a particular interest in the synergies between the arts and health.arts and health