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The National Centre for Arts and Health (NCAH), exists to improve patient care and to promote the benefits of the arts in health. Carolann Courtney is an Arts and Health Specialist for County Kildare supported by Kildare County Council Arts and Library Service. Creative Arts in Humane Medicine, Brush Education (distributed by University of Toronto Press)…Just Released! The creative arts intervention promoted short-term well-being in this sample of family caregivers.

Jack LaLanne was a man far head of his time, teaching Americans about the importance of exercise and good nutrition long before it was medically accepted that both were vital for good health. When you are trying to teach skills-based health education, there’s a lot of moving around.arts and health

This unit gives students practical examples of how to incorporate the arts into public health and health care. This initiative supports the development of new knowledge and expertise in the fields of seniors’ wellness, and community-engaged arts. What makes MMA potentially attractive to young people is the way MMA removes some of the supposed ‘mystique’ surrounding mindfulness (and meditation) by its inclusion in a socially-valued and ever-so-physical activity like martial arts.arts and health

The Trust offers grants to artists and for new, innovative visual arts projects based in the UK. It aims to make it possible for artists and those presenting their work to undertake and complete projects when confronted by lack of funds. The report establishes the clear connection between participation in the arts and positive individual and civic behaviors.arts and health

The Art of Wellness: Visual Arts and Health explores personal and community health and wellness strategies using visual arts mediums. Through another Arts in Healthcare program, Art for Caregivers , ACP works with caregivers, both professional and family, to teach them art techniques to enrich the communication skills and health of those for whom they are caring.