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High School For Arts And Business

This blog is dedicated to sharing the concept that our hands are essential to learning- that we engage the world and its wonders, sensing and creating primarily through the agency of our hands. The Arts & Business Council Sacramento Region works to nurture the creative economy by providing technical assistance, resources, leadership, community outreach, volunteer training and placement to an audience of civic leaders, artists, nonprofit arts/culture organizations, creative entrepreneurs and businesses.arts and business

The award, presented in association with the Toronto Arts Council Foundation, honours Torys’ pro bono work with CARFAC Ontario (Canadian Artists’ Representation/le Front des artistes canadiens) in operating the Visual Artists’ Legal Clinic of Ontario (VALCO).

For the past 25 years, I’ve been engaged in capitalism of the local variety, this being the business of making waves: Starting with tiny ripples by serving a beer here and a pizza there, then accepting payment from generally satisfied customers (otherwise, we wouldn’t still be in business), and finally repeating these actions until they added up to a greater whole than the sum of their parts.

Executives, as well as other business leaders, need to draw this innovation inspiration from a number of everyday creative sources such as music, theater and art. It is designed to enable students to succeed in business in today’s rapidly changing society and will broaden their understanding of themselves, their community and the larger world.arts and business

Experience a one-day conference specifically designed to address needs and challenges faced by current and prospective craft artist business owners. The Art and Business College of London offers a high quality education in the area of the Creative Arts, Digital Media, Business and Entrepreneurship to create the next generation of leaders in these fields.arts and business