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Icon above to turn off Compatibility Mode, which is only for viewing older websites. History and Theory of Architecture is conceived for students who intend to move into fields such as architecture, architectural history and historic preservation or public arts programs, and who will work toward creative strategies of urban intervention.history of artshistory of arts

At the time of the Spanish conquest of Yucatán during the 16th and 17th centuries, the Maya were still powerful, but many communities were paying tribute to Aztec society The latter culture was thriving, and it included arts such as sculpture, painting, and feather mosaics.

Our majors have gone on to thrive in graduate MA and PhD programs in art history and in careers in College and University teaching, museums, and the art market; for others, art history coursework has proven outstanding preparation for a broad range of disciplines, including law, business, and medicine.

The major in art history at St. Bonaventure offers a liberal arts education with a focus on visual culture, preparing students for a variety of career paths, including graduate studies, work in museums and galleries, and in many other arts-related fields.history of arts

Areas of expertise include the historical relationships between communication media and knowledge, cultural and media policy, technology and democracy, the role of media in diasporic cultures, communication, media and gender, the history of sound in media, medical technology and media, discourses of trauma and victimology in journalism.