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A Guide to Choosing a Nice Glass Water Bottle More and more parents have embraced glass baby bottles after disliking plastic, and their reasons are easy to understand. Glass is a very clean option, and it originates from sand–one of the purest materials. In a nutshell, a glass baby bottle is more pure, safer, and more durable. When choosing a glass water bottle, remember to consider factors such as: Glass Type
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It’s possible to break down glass into many categories, but most glass items are either soda lime glass or borosilicate glass. About 80% commercial glassware is soda lime, making this type the most common. When selecting your glass water bottle, prioritize borosilicate as the material is more resistant to extreme temperature. While you’re not looking for cookware, studies have suggested that soda lime cookware cannot handle fracture stress on exposure to extreme temperature.
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What’s the Material for the Cup Lining? You may wish to pick a bottle with stainless steel cap lining as opposed to plastic. When you need to drink toxic-free water, plastic is certainly not a very good friend. If you pick stainless steel, you’ll avoid exposure to BPA and phthalates that are a threat to your health. The Matter of a Sleeve A glass water bottle with silicone sleeve would be ideal. Because your glass bottle can drop and break, there should be a way to check the risk. When shopping, prioritize a bottle that has an easy non-slip grip. A sleeve will offer a tight grip, breakage protection, and prevention of heat transfer, ensuring your water stays cool. You’ll like it when your glass baby bottle has a medical-grade silicone sleeve. This sleeve is made of silica, which is a component obtained from sand, and the non-toxic material lasts longer. Portability Usually, a water bottle makes sense when you’re not near a source of clean drinking water, and as such, you want it to be portable while you’re on the go. You may wish to slip into a baby stroller’s bottle holder or a gym bag, but the bottle has to be extremely portable. With regard to a glass baby bottle, you may opt for a sleek, slim construction. What’s the Volume? To some people, a 20 oz glass water bottle will do, while to others, 16 oz or 21 oz are preferred. Your selection will depend on what works out best provided that you remain hydrated. Concerning the matter of water consumption, there’s no standard that applies to everybody, so, just take into account your everyday drinking water needs when choosing the volume for a glass water bottle. Many people nowadays prefer glass bottles for water as opposed to plastic due to health safety reasons.