Hudgens Center For Art & Learning

A&L offers an exciting camp program with comprehensive theater & music training that is engaging, challenging, FUN, and inspiring. Deep and meaningful learning within the arts enables students to explore experiences, relationships, and ideas in ways that often cannot be conceptualized or articulated with words or numbers; the arts provide another means of knowing and understanding.

The dubious choices of administrators who are dealing with legislators, parents, and business leaders as they figure out how to spend their shrinking budgets are only meaningful in that they create a climate of uncertainty, distrust, and marginalization for the arts and arts specialists.arts and learningarts and learning

The program opens with a conversation between world-renowned cellist and founder of Silkroad, Yo-Yo Ma , and institute faculty chair Steve Seidel , the Patricia Bauman and John Landrum Bryant Lecturer on Arts In Education and Director of the Arts in Education Master’s Program at HGSE.

They also administered three questionnaires to teachers asking them to rate: 1) their perceptions of students’ imagination, risk-taking, expression, and cooperative learning; 2) their school climate in terms of affiliation, student support, professional interest, achievement orientation, formalization, centralization, innovativeness, and resource adequacy; and 3) how much they integrate the arts, collaborate with arts specialists, and use the arts as a tool to teach other subjects.

As a third grade teacher she had the children learn spelling words by forming letters with their bodies, forming punctuation marks and expressing the feeling of sentences through movement, learning multiplication by moving in sets of threes and fours, discovering the difference between lunar and solar eclipses through planet dances, and choreographing their way across the Oregon Trail.arts and learning