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ARTS AND HEALTH: A particular focus for much of our work in Wales has emerged, inspired by both Heather and Ursula’s professional experience as, respectively, a music therapist and an art therapist and by James’ previous work in the field of Arts and Health. Clinical expressive arts therapy and non-clinical applications of the arts are used in educational, medical, and a wide variety of community programs. This means that it has become a topic for research inquiry and not merely an object of reaction after the fact.arts and health

These might include roles in sports and health media, food writing, community health education, public relations for health or food companies, health research or coordinating community arts projects. The overarching theme of the conference is Mental Health and Resilience through the Arts”.

After they have accessed two courses arts for health will endeavour to direct group members to other activities they can become involved with in Blackpool. The process of delivering the course illuminated the lack of recognition of artists working in healthcare and the lack of training available to them as compared to the rigorous demands of the arts therapies training.

With respect to research methodology, the qualitative data focused on the meaning-making process of the arts and healing, and examples were provided of how art-based programs can contribute to wellness. Art and health have been at the center of human interest from the beginning of recorded history.arts and healtharts and health

I may start to add actual research data/articles to some of my posts to back myself up…but we’ll see about that. The National Arts and Health Framework was endorsed at a Meeting of Health Ministers on 11 November 2013. The focus is on basic human biosciences and factors influencing health and on developing an understanding of the roles of health professionals in the health and welfare sectors.