January Start — Birkbeck, University Of London

Our students have gone on to work for STV and Sky, and on Game of Thrones and Lego. With the introduction of the HAW, the Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften (College of Applied Sciences) and its Design Department, this location on the banks of the Eilbek Canal became a hub containing five sizeable institutions focused on media.

Instructors are training students for jobs in animation, illustration, photography, film, TV, video and radio production, web design, visual art and design, virtual technologies, music and digital sound technology, computer graphics, gaming and electronic publishing.arts and media

From the title cards of early cinema to the motion masterpieces of Saul Bass and on to the extravagant digital title sequences and viral ad campaigns that now flood the internet, the art of motion graphics has played a vital role in the development of contemporary visual media.

The Bachelor of Media Arts and Production degree can be combined, to form four-year Double Degrees, with a Bachelor of Arts , International Studies , or Information Technology ; these degrees offer excellent value and further broaden your career options.arts and mediaarts and media

If you have an academic Bachelor in the Humanities (history, journalism, communication studies, comparative literature), a solid background with a minimum of 30 credits is required in either art, film, television, digital media or (visual) cultural studies.