Keep Art Happening

This program provides students with arts learning experiences that spark creativity, imagination, and innovation. This will add a sense of sustainable ambition and consolidate the learning achieved in ‘Critical Engagement 1′. Through the development and realistion of your participatory project you will extend your empathetic and emotional intelligence and construct your understanding of how contemporary arts can make an impact within a wider social context.

The mission of the Arizona Department of Education Arts Education Office is to provide support to Arts educators, classroom teachers, school and district administrators, and Arts stakeholders – including Arts and education organizations, community groups, and service organizations – so that every student has the opportunity to experience the power and beauty of the Arts, and the joy, creativity, and intellectual stimulation that instruction in the Arts provides.

However, remember, people in power always try to do the same: If India gets a BJP government at the centre next year, invariably they would start tinkering with the education system and impose their versions of what students should learn (and, indeed, Congress did this too).arts and education

It will improve or refresh the skills of arts councils and organizations in Program Development, Project Management, & Proposal Making; establish NCCA desks in LGUs, schools, & cultural institutions; reinforce the LGU-NCCA partnership in arts & cultural promotion and organize an adhoc of Regional Arts & Culture Network in the region.arts and educationarts and education

We serve our Partner Organizations by providing priority access to research and information, and creating opportunities for communication and collaboration between arts disciplines and across sectors on key education issues, which benefits their work with their constituents in schools and communities nationwide.