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Leuphana Universität Lüneburg

Theory of Arts and Media is an advanced programme, which explores a range of theoretical perspectives that shape attitudes towards the arts and media. This track is unique in The Netherlands because it provides a multi- and interdisciplinary perspective on the study of arts and its contexts. By the end of Year 10, students analyse how social and cultural values and alternative points of view are portrayed in media artworks they make, interact with and distribute.

Cindy Maguire is Acting Associate Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences and Associate Professor of Art and Design Education. The School offers Diplomas in Pacific Journalism, Vernacular Languages (Fijian or Hindi), and Pacific Language Studies. The ability to quickly and effectively convey information through titles and other onscreen graphics is an important, specialist skill that underpins the success of a wide range of time based media.

Students, who have successfully completed an applied BA (HBO) in art, film, television, digital media, or (visual) cultural studies, will take a Comparative Arts and Media Studies pre-Master’s. This is a prerequisite course for the MBA Program in Arts and Media Administration.

This module seeks to address these and other salient questions about the relationship between the crime and the media from the popular press reporting of Jack the Ripper in the nineteenth century to cybercrime in the twenty-first. Open to all UK students, iNET offers an array of learning opportunities that help connect students to the local entrepreneurial community, including mentoring with media professionals.arts and media

Our School offers postgraduate programs for both academic fields of interest, and professional needs. I initially chose to take the Media Arts course because it offered the variety that other courses couldn’t. The faculty and students of the College of Arts & Media use their passion and excellence to creatively assimilate resources to make the arts relevant in the 21st century.arts and mediaarts and media