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In a world that relies more and more on the technical, the digital and the mechanized, culture and the fine and performing arts connect us to our humanity. Cross-fertilization of literature and the arts now takes place more subtly, mostly in the use of parallel techniques — the rational dissociation of the Cubists or the spontaneous action painting of the Abstract Expressionists, for example, which flourished at the same time as the free-flowing uncorrected narratives of some novelists in the l950s and ’60s.

Such festivals, of course, encourage creativity – cultural & artistic programs. To this end, I will use ANYTHING I can access in my psychological-astrological portfolio ideas. We are showcasing the very best of UK arts, literature, education, society, sport, science and trade to Emirate audiences.arts & sciencearts & science

The Australia Council for the Arts is the Australian Government’s arts funding and advisory body. Learn more by reading our statement on arts, jobs, and the economy in the Arts Mobilization Center. The absence of arts councils in many places, brought about by own unique situations, from lack of fund sources to political intervention or harassment even, does not stop communities from engaging in cultural and artistic activities.

It will improve or refresh the skills of arts councils and organizations in Program Development, Project Management, & Proposal Making; establish NCCA desks in LGUs, schools, & cultural institutions; reinforce the LGU-NCCA partnership in arts & cultural promotion and organize an adhoc of Regional Arts & Culture Network in the region.arts & science

This book is your guide to making your own daily yearlong creativity projects, inspired by the success I had with my own Skull-A-Day project. BAC’s Arts Consultancy program was proud to unveil Marela Zacarias’s sculptural installation, Mannahatta, at The William Vale Hotel in Williamsburg.