Nova Scotia Community College

Lamar University is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. Students have the option of completing an additional major from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Table A or from another Faculty within the University as permitted. You will be armed with an understanding of the U.S. constitution, international law and politics, an appreciation for speech, communication and ethics.arts and communication

Topics include: architecture and design, culture, literature, multimedia, music, performing arts, philosophy and religion, and the visual arts. Hoosier State Chronicles – Indiana’s digital historic newspaper program, providing searchable and browsable access to Indiana newspaper articles from 1806 to 1974.arts and communication

C. A reflection on the day’s work, including things such as what was learned, how the student’s understanding of communication concepts and processes informs (or fails to inform) his or her understanding of the work, and/or new ideas about communication the student has reached by virtue of the work.

When a student learns to set goals for progression in their training, the next logical step in their personal growth is to apply these goal-setting skills outside the studio: education and career, relationships with others, and community citizenship.

Students are encouraged to seek internships in an area in which they would like to pursue a career. Technology’s dedicated Placement┬áTeam provides support to all of our students looking to integrate a placement within their university career on both undergraduate degrees and postgraduate masters programmes.arts and communication