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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s 2017 Conference that May Change Your Spiritual Life

This September is your opportune time to meet Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the man of God best known for his miracle healing. Come September 8th and 10th; Pastor Chris will make an appearance at the O2 Arena right in the heart of London. If you have never felt the presence of God, then it is best that you attend the conference and experience the hand of God working in your life.

During the event dubbed the Higher Life Conference UK, Oyakhilome will spend three days leading worshippers and intercessors with more than 20,000 congregants. However, attendees will get slightly charged since the conference is on a first-come first served basis. At the end of the event, most participants if not all will have grasped that as the children of God, they have a higher purpose and calling to spread the gospel to all corners of the earth. Apart from sessions of prayer, praise, and worship, the Higher Life Conference UK will also host a music festival that features top gospel artists from across the globe. Besides, there will be daily performances of healing wonders, displays of miracles, inspirational videos, as well as intercessory sessions where the true believers will get imparted with the Holy Spirit.


As of now, registration is ongoing. Charges for attendance are £1.50 for every afternoon session. Since the conference will go for three days, those willing to attend from beginning to the end will have to part with £4.50, a small price for those seeking to inherit the Kingdom of God. As of 6 pm on the 8th day of August, doors at the O2 Arena will open to all those who so wish to grace the event. On the 9th, the Higher Life Conference UK second session will commence at 4 pm while on 10th August the event will kick off at exactly 1 pm. For you to gain the most from Oyakhilome’s sermons, it would be wiser that you arrive at the stadium sooner than later.

Since the Higher Life Conference UK is an event meant to bring people of the Christian faith together, it will also feature highly devoted believers from LoveWorld. Although each session will be unique, some of the typical activities peculiar to all three sessions are preaching, anointing, worship, miracles, healing. Above all, believers will receive teachings on how to walk in love not only by word of mouth but also through deeds, who Jesus is and why He is a prominent figure in the Christian Faith, detailed interpretations of texts in the Bible, as well as how to meditate and speak in tongues. For years, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has gained popularity from across the globe, mainly because he has proven to be a dedicated Man of God. Today, Oyakhilome is the head of the Believers’ LoveWorld Incorporated, a Christian Ministry commonly known as Christ Embassy. Over time, Oyakhilome’s Ministry has since expanded from serving Africa to spreading the Word of God in North America as well as in the UK.

Apart from his miracles, Pastor Chris is also renowned for actively participating in the InnerCity Mission Programs that have come to benefit communities largely. By working wonders through the name of Jesus, a name above all other names, Oyakhilome has made people once consumed by the world believe in God and the Word of God. As a bestselling author, Chris has gained recognition for being the mind behind the Rhapsody of Realities, an editorial that now has more than 900 translations. Taking cognizance of God’s doing over Oyakhilome’s life, Benny Hinn recently partnered with Chris to setup the first ever Christian TV Network in the U.S. With millions of followers from across the globe, the Higher Life Conference UK of 2017 will surely go a long way to helping people improve on their salvation.