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Arts education and learning are vital to the development of creative, well-rounded, independent thinkers. For those of you who were involved in the field in 2007, you’ll remember that he put his name to the Prospectus for Arts & Health which was jointly developed by the Department of Health and Arts Council England. Examine the role of passion in teaching and in learning and the unique capacity of the arts to inspire passion-driven learning and meaningful connections to ourselves, our community and the world around us.

One of the best ways to assure safe learning and safe teaching is to take a class. Established in 2010, Soupstock Music & Arts Festival has grown organically into one of Connecticut’s leading independent arts and music events. Apply what you learn straight away – your assessments throughout the specialised Learning and Teaching modules will be focused on applying your learning and research to your own professional context, wherever that learning takes place.

Rose taught middle and high school English, ethics, and arts for five years, mostly at Boston Preparatory Charter Public School, where she also became the English department chair. The arts may provide learning opportunities and safety for the type of play and exploration, personal stretching, and self-trust, leading children to gain the confidence to be creative across domains.

The UNESCO Chair in Arts and Learning promotes access to and quality of arts education through research, communication and collaboration, in alignment with the UNESCO priorities for education, culture and sustainable development. This experience does not require the teacher to apply this in the classroom; it supports personal growth in the arts.arts and learning

While at Brown she worked for The Arts Literacy Project, which further solidified her belief that quality arts experiences should be an integral part of all schools. The conference will showcase inspirational practice, policy and the latest research in culture and arts in health and wellbeing.arts and learningarts and learning