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Pin Back Buttons for Your Campaigns Customized pin back buttons are ideal for political and social campaigns. There is no limit as to the design or your pin back button, and according to your budget, you can also get different sizes according to the need of your campaign. These badges have different sizes, some being about an inch in diameter to three inches which will fit different scenarios depending on the exposure required. Wearing pin back buttons during fund raising activities also help; they can be worn on caps, jerseys, and other sections of the clothes people wear. This is also one innovative way by which advertisers and marketers ca promote their products and services. Your customers would love to receive these pin back buttons while everyone of your staff wears them on their clothing. You can use pin back buttons to advertise your event, brand, products on a personal level in a non expensive way. You can make your pin back buttons attractive and they are durable at the same time. What is great about pin back buttons is that even if you use them in different platforms, they don’t attract negative publicity. Altogether you can five pieces in a pin back button assembly. The clasp pin, metal shell, metal back, a clear plastic cover, and a paper graphic are the five pieces in a pin back assembly. The pin is used to attach the button to a cloth or any surface. The metal back functions as a holder so the graphic can be held in place while the transparent cover protects the graphic. The cover enhances the message clarity and its durability.
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Tin plated steel is the material used in the metallic part which makes it stylish and elegant. Even on dignitaries or any type of audience can have these pin back buttons as a campaign accessory. Sometimes these pin back buttons are clipped by magnets so that it does not puncture clothing or other surfaces. High quality materials are used so that it does not stain through rush.
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You can generate graphics using high quality material that is elegant in appearance and can be read from a distance. These buttons can carry any type of message. You can also put symbols like images of icons, organization logo, institution emblems, flags belonging to parties and nations, and others. If you have messages for your current campaign, you can also write it too. Template design can be uploaded from local sources or designed through available templates. Since most pin back buttons are not water proof, the metal part and the paper can greatly be affected by water and can be exposed to damage. Exposure to the sun for extended periods of time will make the graphics fade. The button can rust if its metallic part gets in contact with water. Proper care must be taken so that your pin back button can maintain its shine.