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Art Business Basics helps you establish a business approach to your arts career as a visual or media artist, craft or design practitioner. Studying online allows people to continue to live their daily lives as they do now but gives them the opportunity to go back to school and receive an education. You will also gain additional Business insight and develop your capacities through elective courses in marketing, business law and management.

The Toronto Arts and Business Award celebrates a local business that is making an important contribution to the arts in Toronto through innovative, transformative and entrepreneurial partnerships. Students may be eligible to exit the double degree program and graduate with either a Bachelor of Business or a Bachelor of Arts after three years, depending on the units studied.

Obviously you are not on par with someone who has a bcomm or bba but still I think some entry level office jobs will be open to you by the business name. It is small in comparison to Toronto but there are a lot of different things to do. For example.. we have scuba diving classes at school that I wish I knew about earlier!arts and businessarts and business

It is our mission to spread awareness of the diversity in the ceramic arts and crafts world and to support the prosperity and sustainability of ceramic artists like you! In the process it is revealed that there are a series of passages, which were built into the school during the cold war era, that contain a shelter called the North Pool” which was to protect the school community in case of a nuclear attack.

A Bachelor of Arts component is, in many ways, the most valuable degree of all. The City Council rode together and left at 5pm and barely made it a few minutes before it started (thanks to Mike Jones). Becoming an industrial arts teacher requires a high level of skill in two areas.arts and business