arts to education

Rose Miniaci Arts Education Center

The Arts – Dance, Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts – are essential components of a complete and well-rounded education. In the AIE Program, you will join a diverse cohort of visual artists, musicians, museum educators, nonprofit arts advocates, actors, teachers, and writers who believe that the arts not only have intrinsic societal value, but also multiple roles in youth education and healthy development.

Individualized curriculum – AIE students are given great freedom to choose their own academic pathway, studying topics as varied as universal design and technology, learning in museums, leadership in social-change organizations, gender and sexuality in schools, politics and educational policy, adolescent development, neuroscience, and more.arts to education

There have been attempts to establish arts councils in some places, but once there is a change in government and leadership in the province or the municipalities, the plans and programs of the arts councils are affected, to the extent that these efforts die down.arts to education

You will notice this ardent belief in doing the ‘good thing’ in the quotes you reproduce, and you must believe that Macaulay’s humanism that made ‘the oppression in Bengal as intolerable to me as the oppression on the streets of London’; the fabricated quote circulated on the Internet tries to portray Macaulay as a cynical conspirator, which he wasn’t.

The Dance, Drama, Music, and Visual Arts curriculum frameworks and implementation resources are intended to support, promote and inspire the growth of all students as artistic learners as they journey towards becoming creative, artistically literate adults and citizens who will truly enrich their own lives and the lives of future communities” (Manitoba Education, 2011, p. 10).arts to education