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The MSACĀ Artist in Residence (AiR) program provides grants to Maryland schools that cover half the cost of a teaching artist residency in a particular school. The program is firmly grounded in critical arts studies and educational theory affecting arts education; is interdisciplinary across the arts, while allowing for specialization in a particular arts area; and ensures a link between arts students and other doctoral students.arts and educationarts and education

Students in the Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education are restricted to the following majors in order to satisfy prerequisites for teaching curriculum areas: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies; Ancient History/History; Chinese; Criminology; Drama; Economics; English; English Language Studies; Film and TV Studies; French; Geography; German; Japanese; Linguistics; Mathematics; Media Studies; Music; Psychology; Sociology; Spanish; Studies in Religion.

For students specialising in Primary education, the focus of Curriculum studies is on how primary school aged children learn and how you can effectively and creatively …