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Good Reasons Egress Window Wells are Used

A window well provides a passage route out of basements in the event of an emergency such as fire. There are building codes that require that there be a functional window well in buildings that have basements that are fully or partially below ground. A properly installed window well will also have a cover which should fit well with the top part of the material used to build the well. There are many materials that can be used to build a window well. The well should as a bare minimum be between 4 and 6 inches broader than your window. It is recommended that the well be at least 4 to 6 inches above the earth level. Drainage is another important consideration when erecting a window well. A pipe that carries away water from the well or use of gravel on the floor helps solve the drainage issue. There are different standards for window well sizes depending on the municipality or region. Now it is time to delve deeper into why you really need to have a window well.

Firmly installed window wells that have the ground around them held securely keeps the dirt around from giving way,injuring your family. Good covers such as those of made of clear polycarbonate and light grates of aluminum metal are able to withstand force of up to 400 pounds,keeping people safe. The strength and durability of such covers help to keep off potential intruders from gaining access into the home by use of the basement,ensuring you and your family remain safe.

Wells installed using the right material that are made in one piece and which have firmly secured covers on them help to prevent ice and rain water from standing around the basement window, causing leakages or damage to the window.
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In case of an emergency,you can escape or egress out of the building easily through a properly installed window well into safety. The passage can come in handy when you need firemen to enter the building in a fire emergency.
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Whether you want to have a bedroom or an office in your basement,a window well helps to get sunlight into the place,brightening it up. Natural light helps you save some money by cutting your electric lighting bill.

The right window well installation professional will help you beautify the basement through introduction of pleasant,creative painting of the materials used on the well,whether it is stone,wood,brick or plastic.

You are now properly informed on why having a window well is a great idea. If you live in Rockwell,be sure to contact a good and experienced Rockwell based egress window well expert for advice on the best solution for your basement.