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The Best Movie Sequence Ever


  • 1.The Raid

The world of Indonesian films that have just scandalized the world through the film Raid, the premiere of Hollywood received remarkable acclaim from the movie man, not only in the United States the film received high appreciation, in Canada, Australia which also became the country where the premiere always crowded with spectators. Read also: best movies to must watch 2017

Prior to the cinema, ‘the Raid’ produced in 2011 has won numerous prestigious awards in the international cinema scene, such as the Cadillacs People’s Choice Award, the Toronto international film festival 2011, and the Best Film and Audience Award at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival 2012. ‘The Raid’ also took part in the Sundance 2012 film festival and became one of Sundance’s most-loved committee work.


  • 2.The Forbidden Door


The breakthrough in the world of international film done other Indonesian film that is, the forbidden door. Actually, a horror film starring actor Fachri Albar is less appreciated in Indonesia. But the film was released in 2009 is quite accepting award in the international.

Even the ‘Forbidden Doors’ was selected and played at the 38th Rotterdam International Film Festival on January 21st until 1st of February 2009, and the prestigious award was won at the Fantastic Film Festival. In the festival held in South Korea July 16 to 26, the ‘Forbidden Doors’ awarded Best of Puchon or one of the best film categories.


In addition to Fachri Albar, this film includes other famous artists such as Marsha Timothy, Ario Bayu, Tio Pakusadewo, and Henidar Amroe, the story of this film adaptation of the same novel titled, Sekar Ayu Asmara.


  • 3.Leaves On Pillow


The film is less desirable in the country itself but received high appreciation abroad also received a leaf film on the pillow. The film by director Garin Nugroho produced in 1998 was halted its manufacture due to the economic crisis that hit Indonesia in 1987 ago.

The film produced by Christine Hakim is finally completed in Australia. The film tells of a mother with three street children was finished thanks to the help of third parties, such as Hubert Bals Fund, NHK, and others.

Although the cultivation had stopped, the film is considered to have the quality as a festival film cultivation. Proven with some international awards achieved on the pillow.

At the Pacific Film Festival Asia event in 1998, ‘Leaves on the Pillow’ was named the best movie, and Christine Hakim as best actress. Being featured in the Silver Screen Award category Best Asian Feature film at the Singapore International Film Festival in 1999. While director Garin Nugroho won the Special Jury Prize at the Tokyo International Film Festival 1998.