The Haven Convention 2017 with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

When a person gives of who they are in order to help change lives, great things start to happen. There are certain people who focus more on those who are around them than they focus on their own selves, and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is one of those people. He is someone who has felt called by God to reach out to those who do not share his faith as well as those who share his faith but need help in growing. He is someone who has put a lot of effort into looking out for others and changing the lives of those around him. When a person such as Pastor Chris gives of their self and looks to influence the world around them, they can do great things and they can really make an impact. A single person can change the world when they are fully dedicated to doing that.


There are many different ways that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has reached out to those who are living in the world around him. He has touched the lives of those who live near him and those who live far away from him. He has touched the lives of those who have actually spent time interacting with him in person, and he has also been able to reach people through a variety of other ways. He is someone who has written books that are meant to help people grow in their faith and become stronger Christians. His books focus on topics that are meaningful to all kinds of people and they are meant to change lives. He is someone who has appeared on television and used that avenue to help share the message that he feels that he is called to share. Chris Oyakhilome has done great work through Christ Embassy, a group that he is a part of and leads. He has helped Christ Embassy reach over fifty countries.


There was a conference recently that was put on by Chris Oyakhilome. This event was meant to help people learn more about God and their faith. This was something that was put together to encourage all kinds of individuals. Those who attended the convention found that it was something that pushed them on to do great things in their lives. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a great leader, and he was one of the speakers who was a part of the Haven Convention 2017. Those who attended the Haven Convention 2017 had the chance to learn through many people who are knowledgeable and full of faith. This event was something that helped many to learn more about God and their faith, and it was something that inspired many to get out there and change the world.