The Importance of Creating Lesson Plans to Complement Literature

As a teacher, it seems that every moment in the classroom is an opportunity for students to learn. While reading aloud or having students read silently is a valuable tool, it is possible to take the experience one level higher with lesson plans specifically designed for certain books and stories. In addition to getting enjoyment out of a book, students are able to make connections to other things they are learning and even delve deeper into the meaning and valuable insights that a book provides.

Literature Can Be Integrated With Other Learning

For some, it might seem like a stretch to take a lesson learned in math and connect it to something in reading. But making an inference is an important part of learning in both subjects. Why not ask students to make an inference about what they believe is going to happen next in a story? At the same time, during math, kids can be asked to make an inference about a figure being added up. Learning is taken to a whole new level when these types of connections are made.

Literature Can Be Used to Emphasize Vocabulary

Spelling lists and vocabulary lists are great. But when the words come directly from a book that the class is reading, the words become so much more important. Students can hear them used in context, helping them to understand what they mean and when they should be used. If students are reading along, they will see the words in print over and over again, helping them excel in spelling. This is another connection that benefits students in a big way.

Literature Can Be Used to Teach a Valuable Social Lesson

Sometimes learning in the classroom doesn’t come from a state or national standard. Instead, kids learn life lessons on how to treat each other. In the case of thank you mr falker, kids have the potential to learn what happens when they call their classmates negative names. They also learn that just because someone says something negative about them, it doesn’t mean that it’s true. Sometimes, this type of learning can be just as important as all the other subjects combined.