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Professor Christine Ross ([email protected] Director) and Professor Wendy Brown (University of California, Berkeley) at [email protected]’s 2015 Beaverbrook Annual Lecture (October 13th, 2015). Within the Graduate Center, the Ph.D. Program in Art History has close ties to The James Gallery, located on the first floor of the building, and The Center for Humanities , which frequently collaborates with students and faculty in art history, as well as offering fellowships and funding for events.history of arts

Both the making of art, the academic history of art, and the history of art museums are closely intertwined with the rise of nationalism. The history of art is facing a particular problem at the moment: we need to find ways of relating the detailed discussion of works of art to a wide-ranging historical analysis of the conditions, and preconditions, of their making.

These include the analysis of visual culture, studies of new media, the history of image technology, the social semiotics of the image, social contextualization, analyses of identity in art and communications, and questions of culture, nationhood, patronage and collection.

Congratulations to our Friends of Frick Fine Arts Undergraduate Writing Award Winners! Combining exposure to art history with the desire to foster art appreciation in others represents a happy medium. Renewed patronage of the visual arts and architecture was a key feature of this propaganda campaign, and led to a grander, more theatrical style in both areas.

Part of the plan will include the consolidation of individual program names and logos under one umbrella—Toe River Arts to be used in several new and existing venues such as Studio Tour signage, social media, radio, and print. Students follow the general curricula for each M.A. program and earn two separate degrees, one in Art History and one in Museum Studies.history of artshistory of arts