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Types Of Curriculum

Education as an Arts subject is concerned with issues in the field of education. The school must, therefore, plan its activities in such a way that students gain mastery on various experiences. The Occidentalists, such as Macaulay and from among Indians, Raja Rammohan Roy, were arguing, at different times (Rammohan before Macaulay’s time), that India needs the modern science and technology, and therefore, a modern education system.arts to education

The arts have the power to inspire and change people and/or their outlook on the world. Our workshops, residencies and performances ensure that rich arts experiences and the life benefits they provide are available for all New Yorkers. And then English has been adopted in India as a language of education and literary expression besides being an important medium of communication on a vast scale.

The Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education is a four-year dual award program for intending secondary school teachers. A passion for issues of equity and social justice is a hallmark of HGSE and is shared by students in AIE, where we explore the particular ways in which the arts can help help address these issues.

Students pursuing a career as a secondary band or choral teacher are advised to also investigate learning opportunities within the Bachelor of Music Education program. Studies have also shown that students enrolled in art classes perform better in other school classes.arts to education

Teaching and learning methods emphasise experiential learning, collaborative and inclusive practice, and innovative use of digital technology and online learning. System-wide implementation of the Grades 9 to 12 Dance, Dramatic Arts, Music, and Visual Arts curriculum frameworks was initiated in the 2015-2016 school year.arts to education